Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Colder weather is on the horizon, and we are getting prepared in the garden! Some plants do poorly in cold weather (around or below freezing), but what to do if they live outside? We can put some remay on them!

Remay is a spun-bonded polyester fabric that acts as a "plant blanket" if you will. It comes in different sizes and weights, just like blankets we use. The thicker the fabric, the more protection it offers. It allows for rain and water to penetrate to the plants, although it can shade some light. Remay also protects plants from pests and wind, and is used to shelter baby plants while they first take hold. Overall, when other plants freeze in the open air, the remay-ed plants have no frost and have a better chance of making it through the cold temperatures.

This is what the garden looks like this week.....some beautiful crops like leeks, celery, and kale doing great in the colder weather. We put remay on the chard, and over some of our herbs. Hopefully, they will stay nice and warm!

Cozy Chard

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