Thursday, February 28, 2013

Emerging Sugar Snap Pea
Radishes, broccoli, sugar snaps, lettuce, peppers, and more! It is the time of year for planting seeds for our Spring garden. We have been getting lots of help from our SOP students and their instructors, so here is what's sprouting in the garden greenhouse...

This last week with our students, we planted two types of broccoli, sweet peppers, lettuce varieties, and sugar snap peas. Many of them are already sprouting, less than a week later! Check them out....

East Port Orchard students from Teams Marsh, Rain, and Bog planted us some broccoli, and sugar snap peas. It is so amazing how these seeds sprout in such a short time when given the LAWS (light, air, water, and soil)! We also often put newly planted seeds on our heat mats in the greenhouse, to help them stay cozy to create ideal sprouting conditions.

Baby Pepper Emerging

Allen Creek students from Teams Thunder and Forest planted some lettuce varieties, and sweet peppers called Jimmy Nardello. We are so lucky to have so many happy hands helping us out...

Team Thunder planted some lettuce varieties, and they began sprouting in just three days! After they planted their seeds, they sprinkled a little forest soil on them to represent Team Thunder, and to leave a little bit of their experience here in the garden. Maybe it was magic soil that helped them sprout so quickly! 

In addition to all these new plantings, students from Catharine Blaine and Discovery Community School planted some broccoli and radishes that are growing up a storm. We are looking forward to transplanting the broccoli as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, and the radishes should be ready to eat in the late spring. Thank you students!

Discovery Community School Radishes

Catharine Blaine Broccoli

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