Thursday, February 14, 2013

Broccoli and Radishes!

February 14, 2013.....Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some updates for the broccoli planted by Catharine Blaine students, and radishes planted by our visiting students from Discovery Community School. They are all doing fantastic, and with hope of warmer weather on the horizon, we may be able to transplant some into the outdoor garden soon. Take a look!

These radishes, planted on January 16th from seed, are growing so fast we actually had to thin them a little. Thinning means pulling out a few plants in each row, which allows for each plant to have a little bit more room. This often helps each vegetable to grow bigger. It is good to plant them closer at first to ensure you get enough that sprout. Thank you Discovery Community School Students!

Beautiful Radish Leaves


Broccoli Babies
As for our broccoli sprouts planted January 30th by Catharine Blaine students, they are also flourishing and being a cooler weather crop, we may be able to transplant them as soon as they are big enough. Thank you CB students!

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